Scope & Functions

The concept of Warehousing was evolved years ago on the recommendation of the Rural Credit Survey Committee set up by the Reserve Bank of India in the year 1951 with the twin objective of providing scientific storage for preservation of agricultural produce and expansion of credit facility through Commercial banks in the rural areas to prevent the farmers from distress sale and also to provide them with inputs in the shape of seeds, fertilizers and agricultural implements. 
    It was also realized that the adverse effects of frequent fluctuations in the output of food grains following the vagaries of monsoon rain fall in the country can be minimized to some extent through proper storage and distribution. Therefore, on the recommendations of the Rural Credit Survey Committee, the Agricultural Produce (Development and Warehousing) Corporation Act 1956 came into existence.
The Warehousing Corporation, a Corporate body, was established on the basis of the Agricultural Produce (Development and Warehousing) Corporation Act 1956 (Act No – 28 of 1956). The Bihar State Warehousing Corporation came into existence on 27/03/1957.Later on at the place of Agricultural Produce (Development and Warehousing) Corporation Act 1956 a new Warehousing Corporation Act 1962 was enacted and now the Bihar State Warehousing Corporation is working under the said new act. As per section 3(l) of theWarehousing Corporation Act 1962 a state Warehousing Corporationmeansa Warehousing Corporationfor a state established or deemed to be established under this act.
Bihar State Warehousing Corporation(BSWC) has been declared"STATE STORAGE AGENCY"vide the resolution letter no. 3250 dated 12-12-1996 of the Co-Operative Department, Govt. of Bihar.Bythisresolution,all theGovt. departments, autonomousbodies, public enterprises and undertakingshave been directedfirstly to inform BSWC about their need/ requirement for availability of godowns and not to hire private godowns on their own. BSWC shall provide reservation to them if the godown is available. In case of non-availability of godowns, BSWC shall hire godowns from other institutions or private sources and make available to the requisitioning Institution.
The Bihar State WarehousingCorporation was set up for the purpose of scientific storage of food grains and other notified commodities.
IV.As per section 24 of the WarehousingCorporation Act, 1962 the main functions of SWC are asmentioned below:-
(a) Acquire and build godowns and Warehouses at such places within the state as it may, with the previous approval of the Central Warehousing Corporation, determine;
(b) Run Warehouses in the state for the storage of agricultural produce, seeds, manners, fertilizers, agricultural implements and notified commodities;
(c) Arrange facilities for the transport of agricultural produce, seeds, manures, fertilizers, and agricultural implements and notified commodities to and from warehouses;
(d) Act as an agent of the Central Warehousing Corporation or of the Government for the purposes of the purchase, sale, storage and distribution, of agricultural produce seeds, manures, fertilizers, agricultural implements and notified commodities; and
(e) Carry out such other functions as may be prescribed.
V.Share Capital:-
In BSWC, the Govt. of Bihar and Central Warehousing Corporation has got 50:50 percent equal share capitals.
VI. Main Storage Commodities:-
Fertilizer, Food grains,pulses,seeds,Jute,cement,DDT,EngineeringMaterials,  BSNLEquipment,Implements,Books,Papers,Weighing Machines,Iron,EVM , Ballot Box, Medicines etc.
VII.Main Depositors/Customers:-
FCI,BSFC,IFFCO,Census Directorate,RCFL,BTC,BSNL,NFL,ElectionCommission,Agricultural Traders,BMSCIL,Origo,Dalmia Cement,Birla and Emami Cement etc.
VIII.Storage Charge:-
1. Food Grains Rs.93.60 per MT per Month (FCI)
2. Fertilizers Rs. 64.00 per MT per Month(SFC)
3. Rate on area basis Rs.14.70 per square feet per month
4. Co-operative societies/organizations 10 % rebate 


Corrigendum regarding NIT no. 03/PEG/2020-21

Corrigendum regarding NIT no. 03/PEG/2020-21
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